After Paying My BOGUS Child Support.. Three Times Thus Far..

This Picture: Credit Reports Can Be Scary!
~15.2 Years Of My Life: On Credit Hold!~

After Paying My BOGUS Child Support..
Three Times Thus Far..
And Having All Of My Pay-Checks:

‘DOCKED’ (Good-AsSs-hOle-GovernMnet-Word!)
To The Sum Of $106.00 :
(Previously-Written About)
Stop! You’re Slamming Me ‘-IGGAZ!
‘Daddy-Joe’s’ Gonna ‘Slamm-It’ Right Back!..LOL..

None Of The $15,200 That I Paid..
To The State Of Maine For Child-Support..
Ever Went To My Ex-Wife..
Or My Two Children
None Of It.
The State Of Maine Kept Every Penny..
For Themselves.

For All Of My Entire Life Now..
‘You’ Have Been The Biggest-Smart-AsSses..
Over This Child-Support Topic.
Shame On You.

Note: Bailey’s Surf n’ Turf..
~I -Worked-There-For..
-4 1/2 Years-Of-Non-Stop-Drama~
In Wareham (‘Wear-Them’-Teeth-If-You’ve-Got-Them!)
Were No Exception.
They Attempted To Fire Me..
Over My (Fake) Owing Of Child Support.
Believe It.
The Real (Can’t-Prove-OwnerShip)..
Chef-Owner Quote:
“You Could Go To Jail For This”
Say It With A Laugh ‘Ritch-EEZy’
The Waitresses: “tHIS Is jUST sOOO Funny!..”
They Were Just That ‘Faa-A-agott’
>>> That You Read About.
Later-On” They Claimed..
That I LIED About A Few Things..
On My ‘Job-Application’..
ME: Okay Then..
“I Know That You..
Just Threw My Original Application Out..
Hoping To Claim That I Had Never Worked Here!”
So What’s Up With That?
I Attempted To Further Pursue Legal Avenues..
For The ‘Constant’ Flow Of Harassment.

However The Government And All Of ‘You’
Supporters.. SQuashed The Entire Thing.
All Of The Bailey’s Employess..
Were Promised $1,500
When I Was Finally ~Illegally~
Removed From: At First It Was Bailey’s..
And Then It Was All Of WAreham Mass.

Hold-Up! Soldieers!

Then It Was Plymouth. South Plymouth.
Onset.Buzzards Bay. Bourne. Sagamore.
New Bedford Mass. Already. LOL..
Sure I’m Not A Biker?
Wasn’t That ‘Your’ New Bedford Excuse..
Back Then? HA HA HA!
You Didn’t Know This?:

~Look Your Little EyeS INto It~

>>Funny: Kicked Out Of Wareham.
Normally You Would:
Have To Be Forced To Live In Wareham. ..LOL..
Onset Mass. Included.

Why?: I Own Things That..
The Government Wants To Take From Me.
I’m Stuck ~Frozen~ Without Anything..
And Now..To THis Date: Nobody Gets Nothing.
>>> Wouldn’t Seem Funny On Either End..?

Everywhere I Went :
The Real Government and The..
Fake Goverment Supporters..
Were Forcing My ‘OUTS’
Often Quoting:
Sometimes Sarcastic And Aggressively..
(They Didn’t Want To ‘Really’ Pay Anyone.)
“Theres-Money-In-It -For-You”

The Rest Of My Story Continued On:
13 Years Since I Moved To South Plymouth..
And Later On.. Wareham Massachusetts.
I Was Finally..
Forced Out Of Bourne Massachusetts..
On December 7, 2003.
I Took A Bus Up To Portland Maine.
Knew I Might Be Able To ‘Catch’ ..
Some Money I Had Up There..

One Week Later December 15, 2003.
Here I Am: Greyhound Bust Station.
Boston Massachusetts.
The Boston Incident..
‘Lindeman Center’ Writing.

I Had $15,000 In My Green SPORTS bAG.

~My Team May Have Made A Recovery~
(Note: Money Numbers Never Matter)

Remember That I Was Shot.. Attacked..
And Then ‘Charged.’
Then They Kept Me..
Right In The City Of Boston..
For Interrogation.
Mental Evaluation Unit:
Thats What This Place Is Supposed To Be.
Complete With Fake ‘Wacko’ Patients..
All Ready To Be Knocked-Out! ..LOL..

I Refused To Sign Anything:
They’re Angle:
~To Act As Though I’m Confessing Or Something~
They Kept Shoving Paperwork..
In My Face.
ME: “I RefuSe.. And I Do Not Wish To Be Here.”

The Mr. Nobody’s:
“If You Don’t Sign The Papers..
Then No Extra Meals. No Hair-Cut.
No Shave. No Movies. No Television.
No Coffee. No Snacks.”
Finally After About A Week:
The ‘No Shave’ Comment..
Was The One That Did It.
Then It Was The HAIR-Cut:
I ‘fAKED tHE-sIGNING (fOR-a-Haircut)

I Went Off..”It’s A Fight!”
I Struck Many People..
Many Times For That..
Weeklong ‘Bit-O-Sarcasm’ ..LOL..

Now! All Of A Sudden..
I Can Shave Without..
Signing Any Pieces-Of-Paper..LOL

~NEVER – Fuu-uuck-You.~

This Quote Was On-My-Mind:
“Competency To Stand Trial”
Those Words I Heard Alot.
No Problems There!..LOL

I wENT aFTER the Judge In The Court Room.
~I Didn’t Like His Sarcastic Wording~
Punched Several People Out. Etc..


Anyways That Guaranteed My
My 6 (Six) Month Committment.
I Was Committed For 6 Months To:
Taunton State Mental Hospital..
Awaiting Trial On Mass. Felony Charges.
That Were Reduced From The ‘187’ Charges..
To Maintain They’re ‘Tough-Guy’ Position..
Continue Their Mission..
And Further Avoid Some Obvious Embarrassment.

As Always: To Be Continued..
November 26, 2011

P.S. Child Support Topic:

I Have Not Been A ‘Happy-Camper’..
Just Recently The ‘Over=Payment’
Checks From The State Of Maine..
Coming In.. $268.00 So Far..

Were A Real-Life..
Reminder Of Just How ‘SmArt-ASs’
This Government Of ‘Yours’..And ‘Ours’
Can Truly Be..
NO! I’m Not Going To Be ‘Pleased’ Or ‘Happy’
Over A Couple Hundred Dollars..
>>> This Was My Money To Begin With.

ME: Funny Me:
“Well Anyways: Keep The Checks Coming!”


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