This GlosSed-Over ‘Lens-Flare-
Version Is Pretty Cool.

CRAZY jOE – nEW yORK cITY..btw..
Came In To Assist..
One Of The Times That I Was Shot..

In Houston..
It’s Still Me.. Just My New York Self..

Note: Wild Eyes.
Yeah.. ‘Kill–KILL-KILL! LOL..
If You’re Confused.. Thats Okay.
It’s Been A Long Life For Me..

This Picture:
: Crazy-Joe : 2005 : Houston Texas :
” Houston Was The Place..
They Tried To Put A Scar On My Face..”
Mr. Scarface.


Three (Good-Starting-Number!
LOL) 427 Chevy Chevelle SS’s..
>>>  Jersey City. New Jersey.
(Crazy) Joe’s Auto-Body.
“Gee Sammy (The-Bull)..
Looking A Little Different”
How Have My 427’s Been?..

FU-UCK!: ‘This Guy Has No Idea What I’m Talking About!?’

One Man. 10 Chevelle’s..
And A Few Long DriveS Back Home To Massachusetts.
~Well Of Course.
I had To Drive My Baby’s Back Home ALONE.
Por La Vida.


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