EVIL EEEE’s… Hitt Yahoo! In 2006.. Crashed The Entire Yahoo!.com Site..

EVIL EEEE’s… Hitt Yahoo! In 2006..
Crashed The Entire Yahoo!.com Site..
They Are Pacman Style EVIL EEE’S..
That Run Through The Site Smashing Everything Up!..
Yahoo! Lost Their..
Unique Version Of A Social Networking Site Yahoo! 360.
The Site Was Basic.. Picture And Post Your Writing..
I Could Add A Wav. File For Music To Play.
It Wouldn’t Even Accept MP3’s I Don’t Think.

I Met Joo-Lynne (Always-Spelt-Wrong-Kid)
From Alaska On Yahoo!.
I Started A Yahoo! Relationship Discussion Group There..
That Was Pretty Good. We Would Have Conference Meetings..
I Would Speak On The Microphone..
We Would Use Yahoo! Messenger Webcams To Keep It Live.
Pretty Cool Actually. I Met Tons Of Women.
And Dated Tons As Well. Very Cool.
Following Us Around:
Lots Of AsS-Hole ‘Dover (Recently)-Style’ Drama ..

A Few Of The Womens Profiles Were Fake..
Double Profiles Of Themselves..
But I Didn’t Mind.
A Little Sneaky Pretending To Be Different People.
A Womans Quote: “They All Do This..”
No Response! ..LOL..
Some Men Portrayed Themselves As Women To Spy.
I Would Catch Them Alot..And Delete Them From The Group.
~LoveConnectionUSA.. Real-Deal..Yahoo! Groups.

I Started My Dating Site At About That Time.
I Was Really Fresh To Computers.. That Is Very True.
But My Site Was Seriously Messed With.. Alot.
Blame It On the BuSh-Family-Government Or Not..
I Got Fucked Over..
I Needed ‘All-Access’ To The Dating Site Code..
That Was Always A Problem.
I Did The Best I Could.. But Was Unable To Stop ..
‘You’ (Pretend-And-Real-Government)
Govern-Mentals From Ruining All My Work..
Mostly Time.. Tons Of Effort.
I Would ‘Work’ 16 Hours Straight Through In A Heart-Beat..

Side-Note: I Did Visit Alaska Twice While I Dated..
Jooe-Lynne Long-Distance From Houston.
They Say It Never Works Out..
Because They Are ‘Your’ AsSs-Holes Speaking.
They Don’t Sleep With You..Then They Can S.T.F.U.
>>> This Has Been The Case My Entire Life.
I Do All The Work – Sleep With Them etc.
And There You Are All “Friday-Nighted’ Out..
Trying To ~Show-Me-Out~..
Fu-ucking LAZY-TEXANS..
>>> I Hate It ‘Dude’..

“Joey..Have Ever Been To Deering Ice-Cream..
When There Wasn’t A Shoot-Out?..”
ME: ” Sorry ‘Kid (Ooops-I-Mean-Uncle-Eddie-Vinnie!)’..
I Just Love The Waffle-Ice-Cream Desserts~!”



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