I Never ‘Knock’ The Money.. But Let’s Get Real..Shall We?..

Hot Topic: Child Support And..
>>> Why ‘You’re’ A Smart-ASsS..

: I Never ‘Knock’ The Money..
But Let’s Get Real..Shall We?..

“Dees-Guys”…”Dis Guy”..
Ever Seen These Hill-Billies..
Go On And Act ‘I’talian?..

You! >> Never >>>
All Cool Sporty And Good With The Women..!?
>>>Think It’s A Game?..
Well Then We’re In It..

Georgey-Da-Bush Of The..
Federal-Government-Al(Mental-Case) ..
Knows I Never Owed Child Support..
He Makes Me Pay 15,100..
Three Times Thus Far.. (3-TIMES!)
>>>To Prove His Smart-ASsS prowess.
The ‘Third’ Payment Has Been Of Course..
Money Docked Out Of..
All Of My (Hard-Worker) Paychecks..
$106.00 Per Month..
And Now With My Continued..
Battle With The Federal Government..
My Social Security (Permanant-Disability) Check..
Has Been Docked $106.00 Per month..
For The Last 7 Long Years..

“Oh Really Now You My ‘Massa!?’..
I’m All Payed Up Now ‘Massa?’..”

The Georgey Smart-AsSss Joke Of The Century Is..
That Now That I Payed All Of My Child-Support Up…
>>> “Oh..You Didn’t Even Owe Us Any Money..
“Now We Can Ahhh..
‘Re-Imburse’ You Your Money..Eh Eh Eh”

I just Got Another ‘Over-payment’..
State Of Maine Check In The Mail..
This Time For August And September 2011..
$212.00 Big Time -Hill-Billie- Dollars.. Hmmm..
(These Payments) ‘May’ Just Keep Going Back In Time..
Wow! You Are The Funniest !@@#$@’s On Earth..
>>>Angry..Yes..I Am Very Angry..
>>> Stay-Tuned..

Idiot-Stick Quoters..
Re-Hashed 24/7 “HeY! hAY! Hay!..

Heard All Through-Out Dover NH:
“Is There Any Way.. I Can..Is There Any Way!?”

LOcking Me In On Bogus Child-Support..
Was Enough For Me To Flip.
My Ex-Wife And Children..NEVER!
Saw One Penny Of That Money.
Geogey-DaS-Attacker-Bush Pocketed The Entire $15,000 Of It.
Badd Badd Vibes Over My $107.00 Per Month Deductions.
This ~Docking~ Of My Paychecks..
Left Badd Blood Forever.


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