It Took Me 16 Long Years To Paint This Can Of ‘Rockstar!’

‘Dude’ We All KNow You’re Stuck In 1990…
You Died And Went (Sent) To Dover NH…
Gods Way Of Saying:
“Hey! Georgey-Da-Bush..
Perhaps You Should: S.T.F.U…”

Hey! !
YOU ! Just Told Everyone..
That There’s No-Such-Thing…
As A ‘Rockstar Energy Drink’
NO! Georgey-Da-BuSh… Not In 1990 There Wasn’t.

Tune-Up Your Fuu-ucking..
Time-Warp Machine Will You!?
This is Another ‘Stupid-Moment-in-History’
Everyone Is Cringing.
The Doggs Are Mocking You ‘Georgey-Da-Bush!’

Cumberland County Jail.. BTW.. November 1995
Celebrating Their 16 Year Anniversary Of My..
Bashing Out All 53 Inmates With Shaving Cream Cans.
A Little Early Morning Problem..
‘Some-One’ Thought It Would Be Funny..
If ‘Joey’ Missed His Shave..
Nope! ‘Still’ Not Funny!
Call Steeven HEY! Was That B Or C-Pod 1995..? LOL..
He Was Probably Just Safely Outside The Doors..LOL..

Back To Rockstar:
I Buy Rockstar Energy Drink From ‘You’..
Every Other Day. How Could They Not Exist?
Is There ~All-Wide-Eyed-Idiot-Like~..
‘Something’ Really Good..
In There (That-He-Likes)..’GeoRgey-Da-Bush?’
Hold-Up! Production.. “Joey-Likes-Rockstar!’
Fuu-uucking ‘Columbian-Caffeine’ Apparently!.. LOL..
This Is Even Stupider:They Do Have Coffee-Bean Flavor.
“Is That A Cocoa-Leaf On The Side Of That Can?
‘Dude’ I’m Used To The Fact That You Are A..
Fake Store Clerk And All..
Is It My Bigg-Peenis?
Is That Why You Act This Way ‘Georgey-Da-BuSh?’
It Is Isn’t It. It’s My Bigg-Peenis.

Doctor Ruth Say’s: You Have ‘Peenis-Envy’
You Have Jealousy Issues That You Need To Deal With.
“Ever Seen A Bigg Diildo..And Thought To Yourself..
I Wonder If Joe..(No-Words).. Hmmm”

You’re Sort Of A (As-Ridiculous-As-It-Is)
Ratt Move ‘Buddy’..

I Called Him ‘Buddy’ At..
HQ Warehouse South Portland Maine In 1995..
I Called Him ‘Pal’ Too.. ~I Just Don’t Care Sometimes~

I Was (Making-It-Look-Good)..
Selling Hot-Dogs In The Food Court..
~This Will Last About Ten Minutes!..~
I Waiting Out Some (Very-Very-Illegal) Charges..
HA HA HA ..”They Dosed Me..Your Honor!”
So Georgey-Da-Bush: He Knows I’m A Hells Angel.

HA HA HA “Let’s Pick A Fight With Joe”

He Came Over And Bought A Sausage And Onions Sausage
Then He Just Came Back ‘Out-Of-Know-here’..
And He Started Running His Mouth..
I Told Him:
“Look! The Onions And Peppers Are ‘In-The-Sausage’
I Don’t Have Onions And Peppers To Put On Top.
Finally..I Just Went Over The Counter..
And Punched Him A Few Times..
Then I Hit Him With The Mop-Head.. Funny-Stuff.
There Was A Few More Idiot-Sticks There..
I Call Them The ‘Never-Know-What-To-Do’ Guys..
Just Stand There..Look Away..Or Run!…

I Started Out In The ‘Lumber-Department’
Here Come The Fuu-uucking Peenis Size Comments..
<<< Are You All Stuupid?
Hey! Who Is Your Leader Again?
Well He’s Your Leader…
And Crazy-Joe Right-Here Is Your-Daddy!
I’m Packing The Biggest-Girth-On-Thiis-Earth!
Pick-A-Subject-You-Might-Win Sucka!
J.D. <<< HA HA HA
Bap! You You Off-The-Head..
With This ‘Plywood’ In My Hand.. LOL..

They Dropped My Charges 15 Times In-A-Row..
About The Same Amount Of Times I Dropped..
The ‘Georgey’s-Clan’.. Et All. And-I-Mean Et All.
Nope.. It All Went Through..
Hey! Paulo-Steve-Guy!
‘Member When My..
Register Drawer Was (Conveniently) $10.00 Short!?
That Blank-Blank-Blank- Sure Was A Riot!..

Just.. ~Think-About-It~ ~Happy 2001~
>> I’m Still Here ‘Dude’ But Where Are All Of You?

This ‘Rockstar-Picture’:
My Masterpiece-Painting-De-Allure’
It Took Me 16 Long Years To Paint This Can Of ‘Rockstar!’

I’ve Been Riding Since Day-One.
HEY! ‘Bunko-The Clown’ 1981 Is Not A Relevant ‘HA’ Date..
I Was However Attacked Back In 1980 1/2 ..
Plymouth Massachusetts :
The  ‘Brick-Building’ ~Court-Street~ As It Is Well-Known

Was It 75 Or 125 Men You Sent After ME?
>>> This Time ‘Uncle Sam?’

Joey Alizio Jr..
Age 13 In From Milford Mass.
And Down From Portland Maine.
Defending Myself. For Myself. By Myself
You Little Girls Are Still..
Running Your Mouths About It.
!This Was The Day They Steal My ‘HA’ Colors.
>>> And Pretend To Be Someone.. That They Are Not.
It Didn’t Happen Mutha-Fuu-uucka!

I Was Attacked In The Public Restroom..
Next To The Tourist Information Booth.
Down From Sunoco.
North Plymouth End Of Court Street.
Your Hero ‘Keeith-HatTrick’ Struck On! First..
I Took A Dozen 9mm Rounds (New-For-That-Time)
And Made It Up To The Brick House.
Bam! Bam! More Was To Follow.
Yup.. Still Wearing My Colors.
Thanks For Asking.. The Other Night.


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