~My 14k Gold Chains: “Which I Have Had For 7 Years Now”~

Excerpt From This Post:
~My 14k Gold Chains:
“Which I Have Had For 7 Years Now”~

I Told Him:
“In Between Ratt Moving Me..
And Pretending To Be My ‘Biker-Killer-Guy’..
I’m Not Sure Which Way To Go With This..”
How About You: Once-Again: Just S.T.F.U.

Him: ” I Hate Bikers..
(2-Minute-Pause)..I Mean OH!
I Am One!..Quick Show Me On A Bike!”

No! I’m Not Going To Be Too Scared To..
Go Out Shopping At Walmart : Somersworth.
I Mean Like ‘Dude’.
I’ve Been In Millions Of Fights That I Actually..
WON.. In My Lifetime. LOL..

I Didn’t Just..
Pretend To Win From My ‘Sofa-Work-Bench-Studio..’
I’ll Give You One Bigg Hint: Wink-Wink :
Don’t Follow Me To The Sporting Goods Section..
On ‘Buy A New Baseball Bat Week!..’
Does A Black-N-Blue..
Wilson 31″ Sound Good To You!.
HEY! Dude..I’m Really Really A Sicilian You Know.
Tell Me You Don’t Care. JUst Tell Me That.

“He Won’t Even Leave The House..
To Buy Groceries Now!
Eh Eh Eh (Loser-Snort-Laugh)”

Oh Yeah Just Stop Me From..
Eating Why Don’t You..
~Happy Thanksgiving AsSs-Hole!~
I’ll Never Got To A Store Again..!
(I live In Dover AsS-hOLE..)

Especially For Food Shopping..
I’m Just So Shaking In My Boots From the Guy..
Who’s Too Scared To ‘One-On-One’ Our Fight ..
That He Needs To Strike Me When I’m Not Looking..
Yup.. ‘Sucka-Punched’.. So To Speak.

I Was Probably..
Still Tucking My Dick In From Urinating..
Was My Belt Even Buckled Yet?

How Do You Tell Your..
Bigg Tough-Guy Story This Evening?
I’m Sure It’s Just Glorious.
Bigg-Fatt-Party Tonight ‘Dude’..

ME: I’m Just Sitting Home Alone.
Minding My Own Business.
Nothing But Thoughts Of “What-If’
Over Being Felony Attacked Last Night.

Some People Have Mentioned..
That My 40 Grams Each Of 14k Gold Chains..
“Which I Have Had For 7 Years Now”

Two Of Them..
With The Lion And Italy Pendants..
Are Worth More Than $4,000..
>>> Maybe: $5,200 or So..?

Well HEY! Let’s All Celebrate..
The Robbing Of..
Joey’s ‘Very-Expensive(“I-Know-That-Much”)
Gold Chains..This Evening.
Wow! Call Me Up And ‘Heckle’ Me..
Do I Need Security..
To Bring My Trash To The Dumpster Too?

This Is Exactly What Happens..
When You Do The Wrong Thing To People.

.P.S I Don’t Even Know You ‘Dude’..
If I Said I Was A Biker..
Then Thats What I Meant To Write.
It’s Been 44 Long Years..
That I Haven’t Really Spoken
Out About Being A Real Mad-Man.
Deal With That Fact.
ME: I’ll Be Here..
Standing Alone. Stand-Up Man. Til The End.


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