My MailboX Picture: Someone Has A Serious Problem..


My MailboX Picture:
Someone Has A Serious Problem..
<<< With It.
You Blanked My Picture Out?
Did You Even Look At The Picture First?
Blanked-Out? For What Reason?

-Senior Lacko-IntelliganteS-

It’s Just A Mailbox..
With My ArtIst Name: Outlaw Legendz
<<< Seen One Million TimeS Over.
<<< Thanks.. For Nothing.

‘A Serious Problem’:
With ‘MY’ Custom Edit Pictures.
This Was Made From A:
<<<Are You ‘IdiotS’ Ready?

Mailbox Generator Program.
~Just Fix The Font And..
Adjust The Size Of The Font~

Thanks For Having Me..
‘Show All Of My Cards’
Looosa-Ville. ‘Buddy’

Changed The File Name.

Let’s All Move On..
Me And My Permanantly Disabled..
On Social Security For Life.. Self.

Nasty CommentitoS!:
I Mean: What Do You Think I Wanna Do For Artwork?
Your Ugly Mother’s Face?
‘Stand-Still Georgey-Da-BuSh Woman!”..LOL..
Here Comes..
‘Your’ Custom Sketch-Color-Art.. Portrait.
~Give Me A Fuu-uucking Break ‘Dude’~

File-Name On My ‘Mailbox’ Picture:


Let Facebook. Twitgoo. Twitter. Dugg. We-Heart-It.
Etc. Figure It OUT!
“Oh.. You Work For ‘Da-Man’ Do You?”
ME: Fu-uck-You.. Pay Me .


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