Now I”m Going To Be Run Over By A ‘Mac-Truck’

Using his ‘Covert’ Methods Of Communication:
Now I”m Going To Be Run Over By A ‘Mac-Truck’
ME: No Comment.
Good Luck With That ‘Law-Degree’ AsS-hOLE..
~Telling People He’s Really A Lawyer Now.
Screaming.. Again:
“I’ll Be Joe’s Lawyer.. How Do You Like That!”
I Don’t Need A Fake-Dumbo Lawyer For Anything..
Thank-You. Pudge-Face Bloated-OUT-Punk.

One Sentence On All Of This:
Tell Me I’m Not A Biker..
The Next Time I’m Wearing My Colors.

You Do Remember..
What ‘Colors’ Are This Week Right..?
>>>The  Memory-LoSss Kid Or Something.

>>>For The Women.
Colors Are A..
Or Even Sometimes..A Shirt..
..Hat.. Or Tattoo: Mine Is “PAYBACK”
On My Back : Across My Shoulders.
Or Maybe Sometimes Only A Piece Of Jewelry..
Representing My Club Name.
My Biker Name. Dates I Was ‘mADE’..
Cities ..States And Nations Where I Have ‘Qualified’
Special Skills Or Talents..

Maybe: Born Killer. VINNIE ALLEN.
Boston. Massachusetts.
Maybe A ‘Shotgun’ Patch…Perhaps.

The Newest ‘Charles Mansen’:
..’Dickey Savoy’ 52 States.
“One In the Same @#$!”

>> Some ‘Silly’ Things Like That.. LOL..

1. ‘Big-Mac’ Truck.. Bring Me My Whopper AsSs-Hole! LOL
2. ~Ever See The Movie:
AmityVille Horror?..
Thats My Boy: Charles Mansen Himself..
He Went ‘Under’ After That..

As Soon As I-Left..
(Wait-Until-He (ME)-Leaves-..
He StaRted Running His Mouth..

One Of The Bigger-Sized Tall Women..
Slugged Him Out..
It Was Called A: ‘Straight-Right-With-A-Twist’
Laaaaugh! That’s What I’m Doing..
He Wanted To Announce His Victory Of..
Felony Attacking Me.
$4,000 Dollars In 14k Gold Chains..
He Wanted To..
‘Low-Life-ScumBAGG’ Off Of My Neck.

I’ll Call You ‘Victory-Man!’..For-The-Moment
Yeah.. Quote Me.

Keep-It-Real Commentitos!:
Yes! Don’t Ever Make Things Right!
Just Sit There In Your.. Adult Pampers (Probably-Over-Priced)..
And ‘Reek-Your-Success-And-Rewards’..
I Was A Grim Reaper Before I Was ‘HA’..
Manomet Massachusetts.
Remember That! …Soldieeer!



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