Someone Added A New Comment..”Must Have Been One Of The Joey-Alizio’s That Lived..” Hmmm.

SomeOne Added A New Comment:
“Must Have Been..
One Of The Joey-Alizio’s That Lived..”

Social Security Permanant Disability: No Fun.
Insanity Plea. Yeah! I Won..~Sometimes-Sarcasm~
Not Happy With Being Attacked..
And Then Set-Up As The Aggressive Person.
Limited Income: Well Yeah..
That’s Not What I Wanted Out Of My Life..
The People Still Today ‘Fu-ucking-With-Me’..?
Well.. They Never Knew How Badd They Had Lost..
Until It Was Too Late.
Jim Morrison : The Doors : ~This Is The End My Friend~
You Never Really..
Knew ‘Smack’ Did You-All!? (Note-Texan-Slang)
500 Billion Dollars Worth The Crap. Shiit.
>>The Nothing People You Are.
I Had To Listen To The ‘How Good You Are’ Speeches ..
For Sooo Fu-ucking Long. ‘KID’ Stay Dead-To-Reality..
Stay Gone. Don’t Ever Come Back.
~PAYBACK~ That’s What My Tattoo Says : Steve.
Now Go Run Along.. And ‘Beat-It’…

Funny Commentitos:

” He Kept Stealing My Quotes From Me..
I Was Sooo Pissed ..You Have No Idea..”
Go Ahead Georgey-Da-BuSH-BaGG…
Tell Us What ~Pay-Attention~ ‘JOE’ Said To You.
You Truly Think We’re..
Soooo Stupid That We THink ‘YOU’..
Said Something That Made Sense?
At Least Change The Words Around Idiot.
Sounds Like You’re Screaming At Yourself!.

Busted ‘Dude’..Ice -Cream Shop.
Be There! HA HA HA HA .. ‘Fii-iing Fruit-Cake!’
Yeah And We’ll Have Some ‘Jim-Dandy’s’ Together..
Exchange Phone Numbers.. HA HA HA!~



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