Thats Why I Was JACKED-UP (By The Local Policia) At Dunkin’ Donuts..

I WAS aLL ‘Locked-Up’ In ‘Shell-Shock’ Mode..
>> Get This:
‘Accidentally Threw The Car In Drive..
Holy Cow! I Was Just Soooo Scared..

And Then HEY!:
Slam! Jam! Pow!..
Wow! It’s A Bright-New Sunny-Day..

>>> The Numbers Started Spinning..
It Was Like A ‘Religious’ Experience..
>>> or Something (Really-Good!..LOL)

Hell! I May Never Have To See Those..
‘Scary’ Numbers Ever Again..

But That Chill Still Goes Up My Spine..

When Ya’all Sit There For 21 Dead-Years..
In Bent-Dover New Hampshire..
Telling Me (Not-Showing-Me)..
How Tough..Ya’all Truly Are..!

‘Dude’.. You Still S-U-C-K-!..

Real Govern-A-Mental Response:
We Though The Cell-Phone Would..
Bring Him Magic Powers Of Protection.

Erin Responding Back: You Mean For All Of ‘Those’
And ‘That’ Last Attack Which You Tried To Kill Him..?
B.T.W: Which He Won : Hands Down…
“Which Federale Govern-A-Ment..
Did You Say You ‘Work-For’..Again?

P.S. It Turns Out:
That Is Called An ‘Odometer’..
Not A ‘Speed-Ometer’.. OOOPS..


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