VINNIE ALLEN Says It Best: “Worst Hitmen Ever..”

Joey Alizio Jr : Hitman 1972 : JoeygoodfellaX :

Smilez From Dover New Hampshire.
Watching Paint Dry For 3 Years Now
No Action Whatsoever.. No Love Here For This Guy.
Just ‘Absolut’ Negativity. Can’t Find Anything Good

2008 – Stopped Looking About the Time My Car Was Ruined.
2001 Mercury Sable 70,000 Original Miles.
!~Don’t Fu-uuck With My Car ‘Dude’ Shii-iitt Hits That Fan~!
Nope. Not Listening.

Blown Engine.

AsSs-Holes At V.I.P AUTO
Turned A ‘Simple’ Alignment (Because-You-Are-A-‘Simpleton’)
Into A Oil Pan Serious Leak.

My Engine Blew Just A Week Later
It Was A Slow Leak And Then Bam!

Oh (This-Is-Worse)
I Got A New Car
From My Dadd..
I Leveraged A Little Reality Into ‘OUR’ Situations
I Always Pay For Everything
When I Was ‘NOT’ Supposed To Be Doing So

Anyways Here It Comes (My-New-Car)
After I Walked For 4 Straight ‘Fuu-uuck-You’ Months

Another Mercury Sable..This Time A 2003.
19,000 Original Miles. Sounds Good Right?
Well Not With The BuSh-IGGAS IN Town

Bad! Get-This: Master Cylinder?
“Hey Dadd And All Of Idiot Dover New Hampshire:
Ford Motor Company Just Called
Said To Be-low Yourself Some Monkeys
For Destroying Your Sons Car! Badd Master Cylinder?
-IGGAS Please! Never In 19,000 Miles Has Such A Thing Happened”

Theres More: Lower Ball-Jojnts Need To Be Replaced.
I’m Like: “Did You Just Use Them
>>> On ‘Your’ New Ford Taurus Or What AsS-hOle!?

This One Was Good:
“You Got A Bad COIL (Retard-Sounds)”
$129.00 For That $30.00 Item And Well..
HEY! I like Pizza This Friday ; How About $68.00
>>> To Completely Test The ‘19,000-Original-Miles’ System..

We Found That Nail We Stuck In Your ‘New’ Front Tire..
$12.00 More Bucks.
Just Hold Your Credit Card (Only-A-Debit-Card-BTW)
Out.. And We’ll Add It All On There For You..

It’s The ‘Hill-Billy Addressing Me (Trying To Be ‘Scary-Cardo’..LOL)

” Dude..From Portland Maine
You Like Heat With Your New Vehicle?..Well Then You Need..
A New Water Pump..Thermostat..Drive-Belt..And Coolant..

I’m Still Trying To Figure Out Why These HO.M0’s
Think They Can Even Fu-Uck With Me..
.. Must Be Another Subject..Hmmmm..LOL..

Water Pump: $ 61.00
Thermostat Seal: $13.96
1 Drive Belt: $70.76
Coolant: $14.00
Not Bad If This Mercury Sable 2003 Now 30.000 Miles
Wasn’t Supposed To Be In ‘New-Condition’..
But Wait! Theres More..
Labor: $266.00
..Yup.. I’m Always ‘Happy-Joe’ In Dover New Hampshire!..

“The Brighter Side Of SEARS”
Love That Slogan And Commercial.

SEARS AUTO: Flushed My Entire Coolant System..
Just Two Weeks Before My Water Pump Went Badd..
Thanks ‘Fellas’..I’m Sincere With That…LOL.

Oh And Go-Ahead And (Several-Months-Before)
Inspect My Vehicle.. Stun-Gun My Brand New..
‘Third-Brake-Light’ For Me Will You!?..
That Was Another $84.00 For A New Third-Brake-Light
And..’YOU’ Better Know How To Install This Shii-iit!

Yup..I Got It Inspected Alright.. $45.00 More Bucks.
“What!”..Was Steeven Supposed To..
Take My Car Over Again? 100 Million Times So Far..! LOL..
Once Yaa’aaalll.. (Stupidest Hill-Billies-Ever)
Kill Me Again..This Week?…Fu-uucking Delusional-Ists!

VINNIE ALLEN Says It Best: “The Worst Hitmen Ever.”

$1,700+ In Repairs So Far..
And Now! (Of-Course)
The Drivers Side Window Is Broken.

I Replaced The Power Window Switch Myself..
Replaced The Fuse Twice..
They Sold Me The Wrong Fuse The First Time..
LOL..Yup Fii-iing AsSs-Holes.
$13.00 For A 3 Dollar Fuse. Thanks ‘Little-Man’..

Anyways: The Window Has Gone Down Twice..OF-COURSE..
I Am On-To That Trick..LOL..
Gee..Would You Like My Window Stuck Down..’Lil-HO.M0..Or What?

These Guys Should Have Stopped Back In The 80’s
Messing With Me..Never Paid ‘Any-Ones’ Bills.

>>> Every Car I Have Ever Owned..’Dude’..
This Was Never An ‘Isolated-Incident’ Event..
So..Was Anyone Offered Money To Destroy My Vehicles?
Yeah…’IN-YOUR-DREAMS’..Thats How Stupid All Of You Are.
Do It For ‘Steevie (Not-A-Real-Live-Person-LOL)
‘Just One More ‘Millions’ Of Times.

Booooring. BLA BLA BLA..Get-A-Fuu-uucking-Job.

Back To This ‘Gig:

~$~ Chrome On Dome!. Squeeze On Blow!. First To Blast Production!.

Find Yourself In The I.C.U -IGGAZ.. LOL..

Keep It Real.. Pack That Steel. ~$~

My Website Is : Http://

Working On My Website Has Been Tedious.
The Federal Government Has Pretty Much..
Blocked Anyone From Seeing My Listings.

My JoeyAlizioJr.Com And .Net Domains Expired..
Among Dozens Of Others.

Note: I Didn’t Want To Keep All Of The Domains.
JUst The Most Relevant Ones.
Is That ‘Duly-Noted-Igga!?

Well Then..No Problems..Just Renew..Right?
Perhaps $7.99 To $9.99..The .Info’s Were Bought For A Mere $1.99..!
That Would Be Why I Had Sooo Many Domains For A Moment There.
But Hell! This Won’t Be Easy Like Nothing’s Easy For Me Anymore.
..I Called Go-Daddy Up On The Phone (Of-Course-I Know-Them-By-Now).
They (Government-AssHOLES) Bought All Of My Expired ‘Name-Relevant’ – Domains!

I’m Like >>> You Fuu-uucking Looossaaaas!..
Let Me Guess: Am I Dead Again This Week?..
And Won’t Need ‘Those’ Domains Where I’m Going?
Fuu-uucking AssSs-hOLES.
I have Been Dealing With This ‘Steal-And-Ruin-My-Everything’
For A Very Long Time Now.

In 2005 : They Simply Stole Dozens Of My Domains Including This ‘SPEEDZOO.COM’
‘Suddenly’ Thinking That “SPEEDZOO.COM’ Was worth $12,500..
Hey! Note Fake Appraisal Sites. Government Bogus-Scams-R-Us..

I’m Like: ” ‘Dude’ Well If It’s Worth That Much Money..Well ..It’s My Fuu-uucking Domain.”
I Got Nothing..No Realistic Response.
Just Go Ahead And Try And Take From This Hells Angel ‘Dude’..
I Waited One-Day And Then I Used My Sicilian Magic..

Best Believe : I Got ‘SPEEDZOO.COM’
And All Of My Other Domains Back..LOL..
This-To-Me..Is Stupid.
And Because Of The Bush-Iggas-Federale-Govern-A-Mentals..
Nothing Is Worth Shii-iit! 2-Dollar Nothings.
And So..Thank-You Very Much For Nothing.

Back To My Dover Story: 2011 :


Oh..One Of Your Old Domains (They’re-Old-Now-Like-Ten-Minutes-Later..Right?)
Two Of Them Are Available For >>>GET-THIS>>> $200.00
I’m Like: “You Mean My Miserable JOEYALIZIOJR.COM And JOEYALIZIOJR.NET Domains?”
Straight-Outta-My-Mouth: “Fuck-You-Dude”
‘GO-DADDY.COM’ Wants To Sell Me Back My Own $2-Dollar Domains..WTF..’Dude!?’

HA HA HA .. This Hells Angel Is Not Laughing Fuu-uuckface.

I ‘Silently’ Went To The Front-Page..Made My Quick Name-Search..
And I Suddenly bought..(Gee-Don’t-Tell-Anyone~It’s-So-Top-Secret-LOL)

Keep My Domain Names With The ‘JR.’ AssholeS.. Such Is My Miserable Life.
And The Beat-Goes-On..

Anyways: My Frustrating Website? Oh Well..
I Write.. And I Love Creating ‘Photo-Effects..

I Just Went Along With Some Of (Entire-Huge-Page-Of-Writing)
My Original Writing Dosed With..
Song Lyrics And Unknown ‘Popular’ Sayings..

I’ve Got My My Wild Original Pictures Going (YOU GO!) For Me..
Would Like To Update And Add More Pics.

My Most Recent Badd-Ass Versions..Far SuperCede..My Older Work..
New Signatures Etc. Cool Stuff.
Not Too Much Nudity Or Anything.
Don’t Need The Bush-IGGAS Critiquing Me All Day-Long..
With Their Fake Religious Beliefs.

>>>They Block People Out Of My Site All-Day Long Anyways.
But HEY!
I Would Like To Move Some Pictures And Writing Around A Little..
The Navigation Is Sort Of Difficult.
The Picture (Actual) Placement Is A Problem.
!$!I’m Still Very Much BORED (With-You) IN DOVER NEW HAMPSHIRE!$!


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