Yup. I gOT jUmped Tonight. November 19, 2011..

Yup.. I Got Jumped Tonight. November 19, 2011.
No.. There Was No Build-Up. Pretend Beef..
Words Exchanged. Actions Speaking Louder Than Words.
No Unusual Comments. No Banter. No Weird Conversation.

Minus One Time:
4 Weeks Ago.
Two Bigg Dudes Come In To ‘Scare-Me’
About Being Who I Am. Ratt Move.
Gee.. I’m A Sicilian Too..
Why Don’t You Just Always Call Me A LIar.

I Never ‘Topic’ Biker Words..
Unless I’m Am Made To ‘Feel-Less-Than’
<<< What You Think You’re Doing.
>>As Usual. Par-For-The-Course.
P.S. We All Seriously Feel That..
>>Government ‘Muscle’ Is Gggaaayy.
All You Ever Do:
“Bust Me Or Pretend To Be Me. Fu-Uck-You”

This Is Where It’s At:
I Would Like You To Tell Me I’m Not A Biker..
When I’m Wearing My Biker Colors..
Or You Need To Shutt-Your Government..
Mouth Right On Down..
My Colors Have Been Put Away Safely.
I Always Say: Maybe Forever.
>>> You Don’t Know That.

I’ve Had The..
Biggest Ratt Move Problems In History..
Note: Always A Very..Very..Very..
Long-Time Ago.

1970’S And Early 1980’s AsSs-Hole:
I Was Sentenced To Life In Prison.
Plymouth House Of Corrections.
I Wasn’t Even 17 Years Old..
(I-Was-Very-Young) In Plymouth Mass.
They Didn’t Want..
To Move The CaseS (Many-Cases) Because..
I Am A Real ‘Hells Angel (Sicilian)’.
ME: “Looks Like I’m Taking It For The Entire Team!”
<<< Again. LOL..

Plymouth House Of Corrections Motto:
“Attempting To..
Hold ‘Federal-Prisoners..Since DAY-ONE”
I Turned The Pages As Quick As I COULD..
>>>Seeing As I Had ‘Uncle-Pull’..

HEY! ‘Tough-Guy’..
I Was In Walpole State Prison..
Before I Was 17 Years Old.
>>> I Made It Out.
I Beat Everything That Moved..
Until They Opened The Doors.
‘Dante’ Noted. ‘Brother’ And Fake Prison Guard.
He Was Badd. I Fake. You Fake. Play-On!

LOL.. (HEY! This Was The 70’s ‘Kid’..”)
I Was Up From Plymouth To See My Uncle..
In The Roslindale Massachusetts Area.
To Stop This Government (All-These-Years)
From Attacking Me..
Whenever I Rode My MotorcycleS.

Ladies And Gentlemen:
This Is What ‘Your’ Government Has Become.
It’s Over Money.. Over-The-Laws..
It’s Over My Property Owner-Ship..
And Much.. Much.. More.

Maybe ‘Georgey-Da-BuSh’..
Should Read My Writing In A Different Light.
‘Dude’ It’s Been You Who Has Been Fu-ucking With Me..
Forever Now. God Damn Time Warp On Your AsSSS.
You Always Had An Excuse Don’t You?

So Anyways: “I Got Jumped”
I Had The Same ~As-It-Ever-Was~ Boring Evening..
That I Always Do Now. No-One To Talk With..
No Guys Who I’m Cool With..
Nope. Just Me (After-All-These-Years)

It Was 1:00 AM…Time To Head Home..
I Walked Into The Restroom.. Went Into To Stall..
Urinated (Not-Noting-Anything-Unusual)
And As I walked Out Of The Stall..
I Was Attacked.
Sort Of A Bigg Guy.
I Was Grabbed By My Throat/Gold Chains..
ME: My-Thoughts-Now:
“You Are A Robbery-HO.M0!” ..LOL..

~I Am A Fighter- I Got The Gig~
This Is An Unusual Hold..
That I Would Prefer..
Not To Move Myself Out-Of Yet.
My Chains May Break.
They Are Expensive Chains..
14KT Gold.. 97 Grams..
Two Chains..
With Italy And LEO-The-Lion Pendants..
Right Around $4,000-$5,000 Dollars..
In Value.

Also Note: In This Ratt Town..
I Need Not Strike Anyone Without..
A Room Full Of Witnesses..
to Show That I’m Defending Myself..
And That I’m Not Trying To..
>>> Cause Someone Any Harm.

He Was SCreaming:
“You’re Not A Hells Angel (May-As-Well-Say:Sicilian)”
This Tells Me:
1.  Who The Attack Originates From..
Bad-Blood From Plymouth Mass..
To South Portland Maine.. And Beyond.
2. How Old ‘This’ Topic Really Is..
Dam 1970’s-1990’s.
2-A: November 2011: This Is Getting Old ‘Kid’
3. That This Person May Be Attempting To..
‘Kill Me’ .. He Wants To  ‘Take-My-Life’.
4. Any Hells Angel Topic:
These Are ‘Life Sentences’..
Speak Them Clearly ‘Brother’.
5. This Is A Ratt Move.. Gone Badd.

I Was Able To Break Free Of his Hold..
At Some Point.. And I Just Wanted ‘OUT’
Of THis Situation. There Was A Large Man..
Blocking The Door. As Usual. LOL

I Tried At The (Still-Has-A-House-Style)
Door Knob.. And I Broke The Door Knob.
Right Out. No One Leaves Now. Hmmm.
I Do Want To ‘Further’ Defend Myself..
But I’m Not Feeling My Legal Safety..

Defend Myself:
To Produce MY RESULTS.

But HEY! This Guy Is A Cuunt..
I Have Lived Here For Three Years..
Bored Off Of My Ass..
~”HEY! Govern-A-Mental.. Where Have YOU Been..
>>> All Of This Time?”~
“Ratt-Move ‘Kid’ Up In Heeeere!”

There Was Some Scuffle.
I May Have Mentioned:
” Gee..Mr. Tough-Guy Government..
YES! I’m Still A Biker (Sicilian)!
Just Keep On Killing Me!”

Finally Someone Got The Door Open..
They Pretend To Want To See Me Alive..
Entire Town Of Ratts..As Far As I’ve Seen.
Once I Was In The FREE-AIR..
I Did Want To Immediately..
“Settle This Score!”
I’ll Let These Bouncer-Guys..
Guide Me Away From..
Mr. Angry-Tough-Guy..

Nope. I’m Not Doing It.. Ever.
Good-Luck.. And:
Just Remember:

A Question To ‘You’:
Did You Rehearse This Fight..
To Gain A MUrderous Advantage?
Was This ~Conspiracy-To-Commit-Murder?~
Are ‘YOU’ Claiming To Be A ‘Hells-Angel?’

Let Me Get On The Phone To Call..
My Own Answering Machine..
Plymouth Talk. It’s A Message From Me.
They Have No Clue.
‘Michael’ Almeida’s Junk-Yard..
“Yup! Crazy-Joe’s Still A PLaya!..
And No! You Are Not.”

“You Like Murdering ‘Sicilians’ Do You?”



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